With work, the kids or any other daily life responsibilities the last thing you want to do is any physical labor like house cleaning or worry about the grape juice stain Junior made on the carpet. Hiring a maid service would be great wouldn’t it? Heromaid is a great start to giving your home that special, unforgettable clean it may need. Whether you choose to have us come weekly, monthly or as a one time thing there are quick, easy, money saving ways to maintain the cleanliness of your house after.  So you do not get overwhelmed with all the plays from the playbook well start off with a few tips for every area of the house.

  • No one likes that garbage smell that comes from the kitchen drain. Give it that citrus scent by throwing in some lemon or orange peels and turning on your garbage disposal plus it’ll keep the blades sharper longer.
  • There are many ways to remove stains from clothes, carpets or furniture but what about plastic containers? Fill container with water a little past the stained area and add a drop of dish soap and bleach. Then microwave the mix until it boils, let it cool down and wash!
  • Do you want to keep the ceiling fan dust free but don’t want dust on the floor or yourself. Use an old pillow case to slide over each blade to clean and collect all the dust and just dispose of the dust and wash the pillowcase.
  • Don’t throw away that one sock that lost its partner! Use it to clean your window blinds by simply sliding the sock on your hand either dry or use a little vinegar or dust cleaner and wipe down all the blinds.
  • The bathtub is already wet from your shower why not clean it? Just use a squeegee after you’re done to wipe down the walls and bathtub. It will prevent build up and mildew.
  • If you’re taking a bath add some baby oil to the bath water to prevent bathtub rings.
  • To keep your carpet smelling nice whenever you vacuum sprinkle a little baking soda before you start.
  • For a refreshing scent throughout your home tuck dryer sheets in anywhere you can. For example the linen closet in between blankets or sheets, between your couch cushions, in drawers anywhere!
  • Don’t let a little stain make you think your microfiber chairs are ruined. Spray enough Windex (Yes! The glass cleaner) to cover the cushion and then scrub.
  • If you use disposable paper towels to dry your hands after washing use the same paper towel to wipe down the sink whether it be in the bathroom or kitchen.

Try out these tips and let us know how it goes. Happy cleaning!

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