When you start spring-cleaning, start by putting things in their proper place, remember to include your personal belongings. The best way to gain practice in sorting and organizing is to organize your own socks and undies first. If you are like most people, you might not have a special place for these items, but now is a good time to create one.

If you have children, make this a family project. Children like to be included in grown up affairs. Start by gathering your socks and undies, and placing them into one huge pile, and sort them according to size, and/or color. Children might need a little help with this step, depending on their age.

Create a Starting Point

Take everything out of the drawers, and wipe them clean. Now, with the space empty, you can actually see how much room you have to work with.

Toss out sock and undies that are worn and tattered. This includes mismatched socks and undies that are too large or too small, and items you have not worn in 6 months or longer.

Group all like items together. If your drawers are big and wide enough, you can use shoeboxes without lids to keep your undies and socks together, and place your items back inside your drawers. However, you have a few choices; you can fold them up neatly and place them directly inside the drawers, or you can toss the box, keep the box, or use a small bin.

Whichever method you choose, be sure you are comfortable with it, and let your kids do the same for their socks and undies. Older kids might have their own system of keeping up with their socks and undies, and you might want to let them keep their own system, but you can have them sort through their socks and undies, and throw out their old ones, so you can replace them.

Younger children will definitely need help, because they want to either keep everything, or throw everything out. Nevertheless, you can make this a fun event for yourself, and your family.

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