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Top Three Qualities of a Great Professional Maid Service

How many times have you thought to yourself that it sure would be nice if you had someone to help you get a handle on your house cleaning tasks? Maybe you could deprive yourself of some quality time with family or friends and do all the cleaning yourself. Or maybe, you just need to consider hiring a maid service in Sunnyvale to solve your dilemma. We know. You’re probably thinking that it’s a luxury, or an unnecessary expense to add to your monthly budget and that you really can’t afford it. The reality is that it is more affordable than what you might think.

When you really stop and think about this, hiring a Sunnyvale maid service is surprisingly cost-effective in the long run. Here’s why. Every day, dust particles and oils from your skin build up on all of your accessible surfaces; whether on the kitchen counter, the mantle over the living room fireplace, or the surface of your dining chairs and table. As minute as those dust particles are, they can easily scratch that surface, especially if they are being cleaned improperly. Also, those body oils wreak havoc on furniture finishes over time.

So the point is simple. If they are not being cleaned by a professional cleaning expert, you might have to pay for some repair costs, renovation expenses, or replacement fees in the future. Consequently, the experience and expertise of a professional cleaning expert will extend the life of those different surfaces. Furthermore, with professional maid service in Sunnyvale, you will always be coming home to a house that is clean, neat, and tidy each day. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost you a minute of your time, which you can now spend with family or friends.

Three Main Qualities to Look For

Heromaid is committed to providing every client with a superior level of cleaning services when visiting your home. We have built our reputation on client loyalty, honesty, integrity, and trust. That is why we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the job we do. But most importantly, it is our three (3) qualities that are at the core of our business. This separates us from the other cleaning and maid services in Sunnyvale:

  • We are fully bonded and insured – Despite the fact that our cleaning specialists go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your household items, accidents will happen. The fact that we are fully bonded and insured against damages and liability will assure you. Should anything be damaged, or someone gets injured while we are on your premises, you are protected.
  • We guarantee our maid services – If you’re unhappy with the job we do, we won’t be happy either. We give you 48 hours to inform us if you are not satisfied. And, should that happen, we will send someone back out to your home to make sure you are satisfied before we leave. If, by some chance, you are still unhappy, we will refund your money – no questions asked!
  • We offer more personalized service – We prefer to build long-term relationships with our clients, but we also know that everyone has different cleaning standards and preferences, too. We can easily customize a maid service plan in Sunnyvale that is tailored to your requirements and specific household needs.

With a customized maid service plan that is tailored to your household cleaning needs, you will never have to worry about coming home to a clean house or having company over for the evening. And if you need after party cleaning, book us in advance. We’ll send in more than one maid if required, but your home will not show any signs of a party after we are done!

Heromaid is one of the most recognized and trusted names in the house cleaning industry today. We have been serving clients in the Bay Area for years, and have recently expanded into Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. For more information about our company and our professional maid services, please contact us today. Let us show you a maid service plan that will ensure having a neat and tidy home.

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