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House Cleaning vs. Housekeeping – What’s the Difference?

The terminologies “house cleaning” and “housekeeping” are oftentimes used interchangeably to mean the same thing. Although they sound as though they have the same meaning, they involve two distinctly different sets of tasks. In order to understand the difference between a house keeper and a house cleaning service in Sunnyvale, comparing the two would be helpful. In turn, you’ll be able to determine which services will work best for your household.

Duties of a Housekeeper

If you are looking to hire an individual who stays in your home for longer periods at a time or a person who focuses on numerous house chores and tasks in order to stay busy, then you would most likely be looking to hire a “housekeeper.” As the housekeeper’s employer, you would be providing them with the materials and supplies necessary to fulfilling their job responsibilities. Naturally these would remain in the house. As your employee, the housekeeper would:

  • change all bed linens and make all beds
  • clean out litter boxes
  • do light cleaning only, such as dusting, mopping, and sweeping – not deep cleaning
  • hand wash and dry the dishes or do them in the dishwasher
  • organize where needed
  • pick up children’s toys and other clutter
  • prepare meals during the day
  • replace light bulbs as needed
  • restock all personal care products (Kleenex, toilet paper, etc.)
  • run family errands
  • separate garbage from recyclables and remove from the house
  • wash and dry all laundry (includes folding, hanging, and ironing)

In addition to the above, the housekeeper would perform other light duties and tasks as requested by the homeowner. Isn’t that wonderful?

Duties of a House Cleaning Service

As your professional house cleaning services specialists, in Sunnyvale, Heromaid sends out teams of skilled and trained individuals to your home on a regularly scheduled basis to clean your home. With a smaller home, we may send out only one cleaning expert to do the job. They arrive on a specific day, at their scheduled time with the proper cleaning equipment, products, and supplies. When they have completed the job, they take these items with them as they will most likely be going to another home to clean after finishing yours.

Most professional house cleaners operate in Sunnyvale within a specific time frame at each home that they are scheduled to visit. Unlike the housekeeper who is employed by the homeowner, our professional house cleaners are employed by Heromaid. They are not independent contractors. Our professional house cleaner’s or cleaning team’s typical responsibilities includes a broad range of different tasks including:

  • cleaning and polishing wood floors (may include mopping, oil dusting, or vacuuming)
  • cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms thoroughly, including: drain openings, showers, sinks, toilets, tubs, etc., and
  • polishing all plumbing fixtures
  • cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen thoroughly, including: appliance exteriors, backsplashes, cabinet and drawer
  • exteriors, countertops, door and drawer handles and knobs, drains and sinks, and light switch and socket covers
  • cleaning interior windows
  • cleaning, dusting, and polishing dining chairs and tables
  • deep cleaning all accessible surfaces such as appliances, baseboards, countertops, flooring, sinks, toilets, tubs, etc.
  • dusting all baseboards, doors and door frames, light fixtures, picture frames, and trim work
  • vacuuming carpets and upholstered furniture

You can call us and ask for custom cleaning packages, and we can even design a specialized cleaning deal for your requirement. So as you can see, there is a significant amount of difference between the responsibilities of a house keeper and a professional home cleaning service in Sunnyvale. Housekeeping involves light-duty chores and tasks with a bit of organization thrown in for good measure. Conversely, if you are looking for a thorough floor-to-ceiling deep cleaning of your home, you would contact Heromaid house cleaning services. We’ll be happy to assist you with every cleaning requirement.

Our Three House Cleaning Packages

We know that houses get dirty and some houses get very dirty. That is why each house has a different requirement. Based on your lifestyle and your specific cleaning needs and requirements, Heromaid provides three different levels or types of house cleaning packages in Sunnyvale – the Basic Clean, the Deep Clean, and the Recurring Reset packages – broken down for you as follows:

  • The Basic Clean package is ideal for those homeowners who do not really need a deep house cleaning and just want a more affordable, quicker cleaning. We also recommend this type of house cleaning when you have switched from another service. Read more here.
  • The Deep Clean package or Deep Clean Superwash as it is referred, helps to prepare your home for the “Recurring Reset” regular maintenance cleanings (see below). With this particular cleaning package, your home is cleaned from top to bottom, including everything in between. We clean almost everything, even the little caps and pipes around your toilets.
  • The Recurring Reset package can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly basis. This home cleaning service package in Sunnyvale is designed for the more active or busier families that are constantly on the go or have hectic weekly schedules.

Please contact Heromaid today for more information regarding the different house cleaning services packages in Sunnyvale that we offer, or to make an appointment for an estimate. Call us today and let us help you get the best service possible.

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