Let’s keep it quick and simple.

Need just a quick, affordable clean? Switching from another cleaning service? Don’t really need a Deep Clean?

Homeowners in San Jose, San Diego, and LA have a variety of house cleaning needs. The Basic Clean Package is for those who require a quick and affordable housekeeping service that covers the general cleanliness issues of everyday living. Many of our customers choose the Basic Package as a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly Maid Service. It’s great for working parents with active families or for single professionals who are always on the run.

What do you get the Basic Clean Package?

Every new customer will be asked to undergo an initial Deep Cleaning “Superwash” Package which consists of a long list of highly detailed cleaning procedures. Once this initial stage is complete, we can then set up a schedule for your Basic Clean Package. This will consist of light dusting of the furniture and hardwood flooring, dusting of the picture frames and knick-knacks on the bookshelves, and the regular sanitation and disinfecting of the bathroom fixtures, showers, tubs, and toilets. We’ll also give the kitchen area a thorough once-over, wiping the insides and outsides of all kitchen appliances along with the countertops, sinks, and faucets.

The differences between our other Heromaid House Cleaning Services

The Recurring Reset Package usually occurs at least once per month, perhaps more frequently for larger homes with active teenagers. The Basic Clean Pack is quick and affordable while the Recurring Reset Packages offers a more extensive cleaning list and takes a bit more time. A perfect example of the differences between the three packages is the issue of dusting ceiling fans. Our team of expert housekeepers will detail these fixtures during the initial Deep Clean Superwash and again during the Recurring Reset. Since ceiling fans don’t usually require a daily or weekly cleaning, they would be ignored for the quick and easy Basic Clean Package. This saves you money and keeps us from interrupting your busy lifestyle with unnecessary housekeeping chores.

Leave your keys. We’ll do the rest!

Heromaid is a professionally bonded and fully insured housekeeping and cleaning service for LA, San Diego, San Jose, and their surrounding areas. Each of our expert home cleaners has undergone a very extensive background check as well. And because Heromaid carries $2 million dollars in liability insurance, your lovely home and personal belonging are definitely in good and capable hands. The Basic Clean Package is one of our more popular options among our family of loyal Heromaid Clients. Just hand us a set of keys to your property, and we’ll take care of the rest. While you are away at the office or busy shuttle the kids back and forth, we’ll be taking care of the household cleaning chores so that you arrive to a fresh-smelling and immaculate home upon your return. The Basic Clean Package is also great for busy professionals who spend most of their work week traveling for their job. We can provide a weekly house cleaning late in the week, just before you arrive home from your extended trip.

Specialty Cleaning Requests

When you hire the expert housekeeping team from Heromaid, we understand that you may sometimes have some special requests. While the below list of Basic Clean Services ensures the general cleanliness of the home for our regular customers, this list is by no means final. We can always include additional house cleaning services upon your request. In some cases, there may be an additional fee involved, but there is no job too big or too small for the expert cleaners at Heromaid. For example, let’s say that you are a young bachelor who just cooked a lovely meal for his date the night before in his newly and professional cleaned kitchen. Unfortunately, the meal didn’t go exactly as planned. The chili overheated and blew up all over the kitchen, and your Heromaid House Cleaning Crew isn’t due for another 36-hours. Give us a call. We’ll be right over! We also charge very affordable hourly rates for the basic cleaning of individual rooms. Or perhaps you simply want a team of expert professionals to come to your home and wash the windows on a sunny California afternoon. We can do that, too! This hourly service also comes in handy for the cleanup after a party or celebration at your home. For a dedicated team of on-call professionals, Heromaid Housekeeping Services offers a wide variety of packages to suit any budget.



  • top of fridge
  • countertops
  • items on countertop
  • sink, faucet
  • fronts of appliances
  • inside/outside of microwave
  • floor


  • remove buildup in shower/tub
  • mirror
  • vanity counter
  • sink
  • toilet
  • floor

Dusting & Floors

  • hand dust areas/items with heavy buildup
  • dust all surfaces
  • items on surfaces
  • items on walls
  • floors


  • fans
  • light fixtures
  • baseboards
  • moulding
  • blinds
  • lock ledges
  • sills
  • cabinet fronts

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