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Heromaid understands that not everyone has the same house cleaning needs. That is why we offer many different types of house cleaning services to help accommodate you and your family’s needs. The following information will help you better understand which type of Rescue service you may be in need of and what we can do to help.

1. The Partial Clean:

“I don’t really need my whole house cleaned. I just want the playroom and bathrooms cleaned.”

Partial cleans are great for families that pretty much have their cleaning under control but occasionally need a little help in a certain area. We all know that some rooms of the house get dirtier than others. Kitchens, children’s areas, bathrooms and family rooms especially seem to get hit hard when it comes to dirt and clutter. The Partial Clean can help you stay on top of these problem areas without costing you and arm and leg for services you really do not need. The Partial Clean is also a great choice for people who do not want their entire home invaded for regular housekeeping.

2. The Set Budget Clean:

“I have a budget of $150 to prepare for this dinner. What can we do for that much?”

The Set Budget Clean is a wonderful option for families or individuals who know they can only afford a certain amount each week or month for cleaning services. If you have a certain budget in mind, then we can work with you to customize a cleaning routine that will fit that budget and help you stay on top of your cleaning responsibilities.

3. The Irregular Clean:

“I only sometimes need help cleaning after big parties and family reunions. I don’t really need regular cleans.”

The Irregular Clean is a cleaning option for those times in life when unusual circumstances call for extra cleaning help. These times can include big family party, holidays, sickness, or long term company staying with you. The Irregular Clean is also a great thought as a gift for a new mother. When new babies make their arrival house cleaning can go out the window. You can treat a new mom to a day of relaxation and no need to worry about the house by scheduling a cleanings. Gifts like this show that you are really thinking about what is best for the new mom. The Irregular Clean can help you address large scale mess that your home usually does not experience. Irregular Cleans are an important service to help you make sure that life’s ups and downs do not entirely derail your home’s organization and cleanliness.

4. An Additional Appointment:

“I love my regular appointments, but I need an extra appointment after my family was here for Thanksgiving!”

Heromaid is here to accommodate your needs, and sometimes that means additional appointments. If you already have set up a specific service with us, but find that perhaps after a holiday or another big event that you are still in need of extra help, then you set up an additional appointment. At Heromaid we understand that a clean, organized home is an important factor is your family’s happiness and productiveness. Our services can help you maintain your standards even when the rest of your life is going crazy.

In addition to our flexible service option for hourly house cleaning services, you can always rest assured that Heromaid will treat your home with respect. We know that your home is your sanctuary and that when your home is clean and organized you feel happier, more peaceful and more productive. We want all of our clients to feel safe, secure and assured when we are in your home. Following our services we want our clients to feel excited about returning home.

Whatever your need or budget, Heromaid will be there! Even if you have never considered using a maid service Heromaid could change your mind. Our cleaners are friendly, efficient, reliable and fast. Even if you have a big job that needs cleaning quickly, we can get your home in tip top shape in no time at all. You do not have a job too big for Heromaid, we are here to rescue you and your home.

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