Spring Cleaning Tips and House Cleaning Coupon

This is it. The world’s most exhaustive spring cleaning checklist. Ever.

Right around this time of year, we get tons of house cleaning customers that just want a fresh start. Spring cleaning might seem like a daunting task, but with a little planning and a lot of tips, it’ll go by like a spring breeze!

We personally love spring cleaning because it allows us to really go through a home with a fine tooth comb. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the smiles on the face of an amazed customer.

We called up our house cleaning staff in San Jose and asked them what their personal spring cleaning list looks like and we put it all together right here for you. There’s a lot of lists out there, but not many feature house cleaning best practices. So, let’s get you through this checklist like a pro!

As you can see from the long list below, our house cleaning staff in San Jose are very enthusiastic about their cleaning and haven’t missed a thing. With the included professional house cleaning tips, however, you’ll make short work of this list and your home will look as bright and fresh as rain.

Before you even begin thinking about spring cleaning, here are some cleaning tips to follow:

  • Whether spring cleaning or not, always always always work top to bottom, back to front. This applies to any room and any cleaning situation and will cut your work time in half. If we take a bathroom cleaning as an example, the first thing you would do is dust the light fixtures, ceiling fans, vents, and top of shower rails. Work your way down so that all dust is already on the floor and counters before you even begin wiping them down. Floors should always be cleaned last, starting from the back of the bathroom to the front so you are not backtracking over the clean areas.
  • Carry a cleaning supplies tray to reduce the amount of time spent finding your supplies and chemicals.
  • Carry two microfiber towels on you during each phase of the cleaning. Use one until it is too wet to leave streak-free shines, and switch to the dryer one for streak sensitive surfaces. If you have one, wear an apron that you can carry extra towels and glass cleaner and all purpose cleaner in. This is crucial for a quick and efficient house cleaning and especially a thorough spring cleaning.
  • Use the right house cleaning tools: check this post for a great list of equipment and supplies that would make your spring cleaning super quick and easy.
  • On super tough hard water stains on glass, don’t waste time scrubbing endlessly. Use our company’s famous glass cleaning method to make glass cleaning chores a cinch. Alternatively, you can use strong acids to do the job. It is not an ideal green cleaning approach, but it works. The acids are dangerous, however, so just make sure to wear eye and hand protection!
  • When scrubbing with brushes, remember that more force means less cleaning power. A scrub brush cleans well because of the rough surfaces the end of the bristles have, not the smooth sides of the bristles. When you press down hard with a brush, you are scrubbing with the smooth (and mostly useless!) side of the bristles! Take it easy, scrub gently, and let your chemicals do most of the work.
  • DO NOT USE green scrub pads except on porcelain during house cleaning. They will scratch most surfaces and make it easier for dirt to cling on to the surface in the future. Use these instead: Scotch-Brite(TM) Light Cleansing Pad 7445, Aluminum Silicate, 9″ Length x 6″ Width, White (Pack of 20)
  • Consider completing items that require throwing away personal items and hiring a great house cleaning service to take care of the rest of the more taxing spring cleaning work for you. Most of them offer a deep clean service that would benefit greatly from a house that has the smaller details already taken care of. Get the most bang for your spring cleaning buck! If you need carpet cleaning, now is a perfect time to get it done since you are already moving your furniture around.
  • Set aside a week for a thorough spring cleaning, dividing the home up into sections to do on each day. Work from the rear of the home to the front so you won’t tread on the already clean areas.
  • Use your slow cooker to make meals for each spring cleaning day. Plan out each meal so that at the end of the day you get to plop down and enjoy a fine, hot slow cooked meal!
  • Don’t stop and attend to detail work like paint touch up or a burst seam on the couch. Take note of the things that need revisiting and come back to them after the spring clean. This will help you finish faster and not grow frustrated and give you time to do each little project on its own.
  • Since you’ll be tackling the kitchen, pantry, and fridge, make a list of supplies you need to stock up on. Spring cleaning tips only get you so far if you’re running out of food fuel!
  • Take a big basket and place all your significant other’s items in it so nothing is lost and no spring cleaning related fights are had. Have them sort through it later and they’ll appreciate a gorgeously clean home AND all their stuff in its place. Place random found items like screws, remote battery covers, and springs in the spring cleaning basket as well to match them up later with their respective pieces.
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