Your house is cleaned, carpet is stain free you are all set right? Wrong! There is the daily maintenance to keep it clean and one of the ways to ensure this is; organization. Some people pride themselves on organization and some completely neglect it. Organization is one of the big things in maintenance and with a few tips on the upkeep of your home will be a breeze. So for the next time Heromaid does your housecleaning it won’t be something huge or you won’t need us to come as often.

  1. Your walls and your floor are the biggest shelves in your house but you can’t put stuff on your floor so your walls can hold stuff like your purses, accessories, supplies, etc. Plus you save money on decor!
  2. To help keep things in its place try using bins. Any shape or size can be useful for keeping organized. For example, use little pencil boxes or even a silverware try to keep things separate.
  3. Labeling can really save time and stress. It doesn’t mean you’re forgetful it just makes it easier to find something. Have fun with it too. For example, for your pajama drawer instead of just putting ‘pajamas’ you can put ‘Nighty-Night’ or ‘Sweet dreams”.
  4. Color coordinating can help to prioritize things in life. Whether it be your closet or events on your calender Red can be ‘Emergency!’ or yellow can be ‘it can wait’.

That’s the basics of organizing to get you started. Let us know what you think!

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