Nowadays you can’t just clean your home. There are many styles of house cleaning such as basic, detailed, daily and maintenance. At Heromaid , we do all styles of cleaning plus the occasional carpet cleaning. Even if you don’t use our services and would rather handle your own house cleaning for whatever particular reason here is a summary of what each style of house cleaning entails.

-Daily and maintenance go hand in hand with each other since the cleaning done are done everyday or every other day so it does not pile up to a point where it becomes too much. Daily maintenance house cleaning would include doing the dishes, taking out the trash, putting things back in their proper place, wiping down tables, counter tops, etc. Other chores would be making up beds, sweeping, vacuuming and laundry.

-Basic cleaning is the just getting the exterior of things clean such as wiping down everything in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, dusting and anything from the daily cleaning. This type of house cleaning should be done once a week.

-Detailed is the most time consuming since it covers EVERYTHING. Everything including cleaning not only the outside but inside such as cabinets, the refrigerator, wiping down walls and baseboards. Every six months is a good amount of time to do this style of cleaning

Pick which style you prefer or try all three with your own schedule that works for you and let us know what you think! Happy cleaning!

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