Cleaning your kitchen appliances, sounds like a messy job, and it’s true. However, you don’t want to cook on a dirty stove, store your food in a smelly refrigerator, or place your dishes in a nasty dishwasher, right? That is why cleaning your appliances is vital, not only for a clean kitchen, but for your overall

If your kitchen has beautiful stainless stain appliances, fingerprints, and streaks can make them look absolutely horrible. However, with the right cleaning technique, you can clean your appliances to perfection, giving them the new showroom look.

Know Your Steel

Since, different manufactures use different grades of stainless stain, you need to find one all-purpose cleaning solution. One multipurpose solution is better and cheaper, than purchasing multiple cleaners. The first step is to use a microfiber cloth, to clean away streaks, and to remove nasty stains.

Use the cloth as soon as you apply it to the cloth. Damp cloths clean stainless steel surfaces better. Be sure to purchase a microfiber cloth made especially for stainless stain, such as a Casabella brand.

The Right Way to Clean Stainless Steel

After applying the cleaning solution to the cloth, wipe in the direction of the grain. This is important, because dirt and grime is often trapped inside the lines of the grain, and this way you are sure to remove all the dirt. However, the key to effectively cleaning your stainless stain appliances is in the product you use.

Once you have the right cleaning cloth, you have got to use the right cleaning solution. Weisman makes great cleaning solution and polish, and together they do a fantastic job on stainless stain.

4 Inexpensive Stainless Steel Cleaners that Work Best

White vinegar work great. Just apply it to the cloth, and work in the direction of the grain, be sure the cloth is a microfiber cloth.

Gentle premixed natural cleaning solution. This is a seventh generation cleaner, premixed especially for stainless steel surfaces.

Polisher and Cleaner. Weisman product works best when you apply it to the microfiber cloth, and wipe in the same direction as the grain. Be sure to buff the appliances with a dry clean cloth.

Cleaner concentrate.  Branch basics is a great product. It goes on easy, but it cleans your appliances thoroughly, and leaves them shining.

These are just a few ideas of what to use on your stainless stain appliances. Other products you can try are baby oil, olive oil, Windex or similar window spray, and club soda.

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