San Jose, California offers great adventures, and amazing sights around each corner. If you plan to visit this beautiful city, here are at least 10 must do things, and places to see. Grab your camera, plan your trip, and let us go 10 wonderful adventures:

Great America Theme Park

With over 50 thrilling rides, 100 acres of theme- fun- adventures, roller coasters and main attractions, who would not want to visit this great American park. Formerly known as the Paramount Great America, it is the home to America’s favorite kids show Nickelodeon.

Mystery Haunted House

Who would believe this home took 38 years to build. In 1884, Sarah L Winchester a wealthy window, put artisans and carpenters to work to build her dream house. This mansion has 160 rooms, lights, gas, and heating systems. The house gets its name from the many odd and unexplained events that took place in the house. Beware, you could get lost, as you travel on stairs that leads to nowhere.

The Dragon’s Den

On a hot day, you can enter into the Dragon’s Den. it is a beautiful water filled theme, with lots of slippery sliding rides. Special events sometimes take place at the park, and admission is reasonable. When you get hungry feast your attention on the snack stands and gift shops nearby.

Old Fashion Trolley Rides

Enjoy trolley rides on a trolley system that runs through the park, and makes it way to several stopping points: the Zoo, Happy Hallow Park, and the Japanese Friendship Garden. Take part in the interactive displays. The rides are available on fair days only.

First Egyptian Museum

First Egyptian museum is more than 100 years old. The entire park resembles a temple, more so than a museum. The homes and schools surrounding the museum all resemble the same style and design as the first concrete jungle.

The Plaza De Cesar Chavez

The plaza is open all year round to outdoor events such as music shows, jazz festivals, ice-skating, and Christmas time in the park. The plaza dates back to the late 1700’s. In 1993, the park name is in honor of Cesar E Chavez. Aside from being the resident of San Jose, he is the founder and organizer of the United Farm Workers Union.

Christmas in the Park

Each year the San Jose Museum contains all the joys from Santa’s workshop. See the Christmas greetings, the Christmas trees, and all the fancy decorations from Christmas and New Year. Spend your holiday in San, Jose, California. This is a great place for children and families to spend the holiday.

Hakone Japanese Gardens

Hakone is the most beautiful place in the world. It is a historical place and perhaps one of the oldest Asian and Japanese gardens since 1915. The landmarks are historic, and contain some unique Japanese Samurai, and Shogun estate. It is a pleasant section of the city to visit, and a nice place to stroll and sightsee.

California Theater

Movies have been playing long before this theater came into existence. Following a full restoration in September of 2004, this theater is the place to visit and see major art performances. It is home to public meetings and conferences, in addition to opera and musical events. Do not miss your chance to see some great classic movies.

Disney on Ice

Whatever, you do, you have to see Mickey and his friend on Ice in the Bay. During the holidays, the blues try to creep in, but you can celebrate at the Oracle Arena. See “Alice in Wonderful,” and party with the “Mad Hatter.” It is an event you will not want to miss.

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