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Enjoy a Happy, Healthy Home Environment by Hiring a Professional Maid Service

Out of all the chores and tasks that we have to tackle in our everyday lives, house cleaning is most likely the lowest priority on our daily agendas. This is especially true when our schedules are overflowing with family and work responsibilities. By the time you get your most of your chores and tasks done and all of your errands run, spending a few hours cleaning your house is not even a consideration. So what do you do? The best option is to hire a professional maid service in San Jose to handle the house cleaning duties for you.

Keeping a Clean Home for Health Reasons

As one of the most respected maid services in San Jose, Heromaid believes the solution to most house cleaning issues is to attack the source of the problem. It’s impossible to eliminate the sources of allergens, bacteria, dust, and germs because they are all around us, whether in our homes or when we are out and about. Statistics have proven that roughly 90% of these come from fabric and people themselves. While our bedding, clothing and home furnishings are constantly shedding fibers that are barely visible, our bodies are continually shedding tiny flakes of skin.

Whether you want to do this or not, you still have to maintain a clean home; especially for health reasons. For example, carpeting and upholstery are dust magnets and a breeding ground for airborne allergens, bacteria, pet dander, and a wide array of other germs. For an individual who suffers with a respiratory condition such as asthma and seasonal allergies, this compounds their problems. As your professional maid service, Heromaid can provide the deepest cleaning in order to eliminate most of those irritants from your home.

Additional Reasons for Hiring a Professional Maid Service

In addition to the health benefits of having a clean and comfortable home, there are a number of other reasons for hiring Heromaid as your professional maid service in San Jose including:

  • Come home to a house that is always clean – No matter what day of the week it is, you will always be coming home to a house that is clean, neat, and tidy. Your house will remain in that condition when it is getting thoroughly cleaned on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Experience and expertise – When our house cleaning teams come to your home they are bringing a great deal of field experience and industry expertise with them. No individual house cleaner can provide the level of experience and expertise that our teams of cleaning experts can.
  • Ideal for individuals with busy weekly schedules – For many of us, there isn’t enough time in the day during our work weeks to handle the house cleaning. So we wind up robbing ourselves of any free weekend time we may have in order to address the issue.
  • More cost-effective over the long-term – When you hire Heromaid to clean your home, damaging dust particles, grime, and oils are removed from every accessible surface. This means that you may not experience any frequent, costly, home renovations or repairs. We clean so well that even if you don’t do any cleaning for a couple of days, nobody will notice it!
  • Professional grade cleaning equipment and products – In most cases, the average homeowner cannot rent the type of cleaning equipment that we use, while in other cases, you cannot find the types of high-quality cleaners that we use on store shelves.
  • Professional reliability – You can always rely on our professional maid services in San Jose to clean your home in the most efficient manner possible. Our cleaning experts are committed to exceeding your expectations and totally dedicated to your satisfaction.

In addition to the above, Heromaid can customize a house cleaning plan that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. For more information about our company and our extensive line of cleaning services, or to schedule an appointment, visit our website. Let us show you how we can easily customize a professional cleaning plan for your home. Call us today and let’s get started

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