Responsibility can be solely given or taken upon one person or a group of people. At Heromaid, our teams of professionally trained maids take on the responsibility equally to clean your home and  maintain the house cleaning or handle any carpet stains you may need taken care of. However, while we house cleaners are away you can’t very well let a mess build up until we get back. Being head of the household doesn’t mean you have to take on the whole house cleaning responsibility but it does mean you can split the responsibility with the kids or spouse.

-Divide the cleanings of the areas of the house among each other. For example, mom cleans the living room, kids in the kitchen and dad in the bathroom. Bedrooms are the responsibility of the person staying in it.

– Alternating who cleans what area could be an option as well.

-Simple rewards for yourself or others for taking on and completing the task at hand is good.

Pretty basic and short. Try out these tips and let us know how it works out! Good luck!

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