Kids are the bright spot in your life; they can bring so much joy in your life, and create havoc at the same time. Keeping your house clean is definitely a chore, if you have little ones running around, pulling out toys, and knocking over food. Your hands are full.

However, you can still develop some structure in your home, and keep it clean at the same time. How is this possible? Well, the answer is simple. Include your kids in your clean-up project. Make it fun, so they will not know that you are actually putting them to work.

Allow them to Help – It is Helping Hands Time

This is what we daycare teachers will say to our class, when it is time to put away the toys. Make your kid a little cleaning caddy, complete with non- toxic cleaners. Include a spray bottle with water, kids loves this. It reminds them of a large water gun. Kids can easily dust, sweep, vacuum, and put away their toys. However, this does depend on the age of the children involved.

Make Clean – Up Time Easy and Fun

Use a timer. Set it to 5 or 10 minutes to see how fast your kids can complete a task. Do not forget to break each task down, so that it does not overwhelm your kids. Use a responsibility chart, and track each completed task. Clean up with your kids, so they can take in the methods and styles of cleaning you perform, and soon, they will be cleaning up on their own. Remember to reward good efforts.

Wash One Load of Clothes Per Day

Children get dirty a lot. Teaching them the importance of personal hygiene is the first step in personal cleanliness. Keep the laundry pile as low as possible, by washing at least one load of clothing per day. Let your child fold their own clothes, and put them away. This teaches them both cleanliness and accountability. Be sure to teach them how to sort laundry as well, dividing the soft colors from the dark colors.

Implement Daily – Clean Up Toys Times

Implement at least two daily cleanup times: once before naptime, and again after dinner, or just before bed. It should take 10 minutes or less to pick up the toys and put them away in their proper place. Be creative, when it comes to getting, and keeping your kids involved in daily cleanings.

Do not expect too much from younger kids. Remember they are not as good as you are at cleaning up. Older kids can handle more responsibility, and they can benefit from teamwork. Yes, keeping a clean house with your kids is possible, as long as you keep clean up time fun, assignment- cleaning tasks to children according to age appropriateness, and do not expect your kids to clean- up like they have been doing it all their lives. This is a learning process for you and your kids, and it is up to you to make it successful.

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