The space underneath your kitchen sink can easily become another storage area for useless items. However, with a few containers, and with a little organization and planning, the space underneath your kitchen sink can be the perfect space for storing useful items.

Organize the Space – Show Some Taste

So, what really goes underneath the kitchen sink? Well, this depends on what items you need, to work with while you are in the kitchen. For some people, large pots and pans are the perfect items, and yet for others, extra cleaning supplies and kitchen accessories like trash bags, and extra dish clothes are essentially important.

Start with putting them in their proper containers. Use containers to hold like products, like pot and sink scrubbers. Keep vegetable scrubbers in smaller containers, and place sink stoppers in a mesh wire container. If necessary, get a lazy Susan that spins around. This way you can have easy access to all of your cleaning supplies, with one turn of the wheel.

Make Your New Space Appealing

Although, it is a storage area, you can still make it attractive. Add contact paper on the surface, to catch leaks and spills. The contact paper can act as a protective or barrier to prevent water damage and stain marks.

If you are using boxes or containers, cover them in coordinating paper, for an even more dazzling look. Remember the lazy Susan can keep all your items together, and off the bottom of your cabinet. When bottles leak, drip, or spill, your lazy Susan can catch it, before it causes any damage.

Put In the Extra Time

Go the extra mile and throw away old, empty containers, bottles, and sprayers. Replace leaky supply bottles with new bottles, and do not attempt to mix chemicals. If cleaning supplies are half-full, fill the container with the same cleaning agent. Organize your kitchen sink, in a way that you will be safe.

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